Evangelist Missionary Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose-Biography

For Evangelist Missionary Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose serving God's beautiful multicultural family with Love has been a motivating force in her life regardless of ethnicity, of multicultural Diversity.  She is the eldest child, named after her parents, Deacon Cleophus and Mother Deborah Walker-Scruggs.  They taught their children, Cleorah, Sylvia, Clifford, Terrence, and Eric the real meaning of Love, starting with God Is Love!

Cleorah (aka Lady Boaz- DeBose) married her God-given soul mate, her Boaz, Deacon Paul Lawrence DeBose!  Paul also has a servant's heart for ministry and a zest for life.  Paul and Author, Cleorah are blessed to share as an inspiration to others the books "Boaz Found Me, A Love Story," and "Boaz Found Me Companion Guide." Deacon DeBose, a retiree from the Building Trade of AFL-CIO, is very supportive and shared his thoughts in the book. This story tells how God miraculously joined them in marriage: two born again believers, who had never been married, nor had children, who had only seen each twice since childhood, and are both youthful, healthy, and early retirees!

Lady Boaz-DeBose is the Founder of Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose Ministries, which includes: Boaz Found Me Books, Celebrating Singles Seminars, and “Pearls of Wisdom, Food for the Body & Soul"... by Author Deborah Walker Scruggs.

Cleorah, in selecting the book title, Boaz Found Me, calls attention to the themes of Diversity and Multiculturalism, which have been at the center of her work in education.

The DeBose's are faithful members of Harris Memorial in Flint, MI, under the anointed leadership of Pastor Eric C. Bogan, Lady Karleen Bogan, and Supervisor Dianne Bogan.

Sister Cleo is also a member of National C.O.G.I.C. Scholars, Coordinator: Dr. Raynard Smith, & former member of the National C.O.G.I.C. Fine Arts Scholarship Department: Executive Director, Sara Jordan Powell.

The book Foreword for "Boaz Found Me, A Love Story" was written by Former Bishop P. A. Brooks, First Assistant Presiding Bishop C.O.G.I.C., Inc. The book Foreword for "Boaz Found Me Companion Guide" was written by Rev. Charles DeBose, Ph.D., California State University & Reverend at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church.


Teaching Experience

Mrs. Scruggs-DeBose is a dedicated award-winning teacher of 30 years with Flint Community School. She not only taught students required grade-level skills, but she also wrote diversity classroom teaching units. This enhanced learning by using our global community as a teaching tool by involving diverse students, parents, and community members on field trips in musical dramatizations, panel discussions, debates, and other activities. In addition, this diverse involvement led her to be a Speaker and Presenter for local, state, and national conferences for Flint, surrounding school districts, Michigan Education Association, National Education Association, Church of God In Christ, and other religious denominations, and community organizations.

Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose is the Founder and President of the National Multicultural Diversity Day & Institute. Multicultural Diversity Day (M.D.D.) was started in her classroom and was endorsed in 1993 by the National Education Association's 2.7 million members. Later (M.D.D.) became the National Multicultural Diversity Day & Institute (N.M.D.I.) with a 501 c3.  Also, she is the Founder, President, Director, Writer & Actor of the Christian Drama Guild, which performs musical dramatizations for religious & community organizations.

Adjunct Professor - University Michigan Flint
• Instructor G.E.D. - Mott Adult High School
• Instructor - Charles Harrison Mason Bible College
• Instructor - Great Lakes First Jurisdiction, Merle Ruth Cranford Women's Training & License for Evangelist Missionaries
• Speaker and Workshop Presenter at various conferences, such as International C.O.G.I.C. Holy  Convocations, Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr. - Memorial Educational Training Institute, for The Boaz Found Me Books and Celebrating Singles Seminars
• Educational Coordinator - Harris Memorial C.O.G.I.C.

Professional Organizations - Life Membership

• National Education Association (N.E.A.)
• Michigan Education Association (M.E.A.)
• Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Golden Life (AKA)


• National Education Association - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award
• Michigan Education Association Flint, MI - Multicultural Education, and Excellence Education Awards
• University of Akron-Alumni Award
• C.O.G.I.C. National Fine Arts Scholarship Department Dedication Award
• Flint Human Relations, Drum Major, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award


Bible study, family fun, traveling, biking, estate sales, sports, live theatre, and most definitely enjoying Paul's gourmet cooking and conversation.

Personal Information
Cleorah Scruggs-DeBose, P. O. Box 355 - Flint, MI 48501
WWW.csdministries.org      810.845.3468
cscruggsdebose@yahoo.com    or    cscruggsdebose@gmail.com

  • Email : boaz@csdministries.org cscruggsdebose@yahoo.com cscruggsdebose@gmail.com
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