Multicultural Diversity Ministries

Multicultural Diversity is an essential part  of our global communities of neighborhoods, schools, religious, community, and business organizations.

Cultural training is  essential for effective communication, collaboration, teamwork and  growth. It helps people with different backgrounds learn to understand and respect each other's differences and appreciate similarities. Cultural Diversity training helps to prepare our future leaders and laity to  live and operate more effectively in our multicultural world.

The National Multicultural Diversity Institute provides interactive workshop training  and keynotes speaking for the following:

Identifying and Understanding  the Characteristics of Multicultural Diversity

We are identifying and Discussing: Stereotypes and Biases in ourselves and others.

Involving students in a hands on Celebration of Kwanzaa and it's Cross-Cultural Character Building Principles

Bullying and Self-Esteem

Diversity, Drama, & or Spoken Word / Poetry

Tips for places of worship to become more inviting to different cultures

Promoting diversity through the arts, by involving elementary school students in informative "funtastic"  musical dramatizations that can also include creative art, dance, poetry, spoken,  and written word and discussions.

Cultural History month presentations such as in February Black history, March Women's History etc.

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